Monday, June 04, 2007

Yay Me!

Barry helps tame wildfires in Ga., Fla.
Tropical Storm Barry and its remnants gave a much-needed soaking to thousands of acres of burning swamp and timberland in northern Florida and southeastern Georgia.

The remains of the storm rode up the East Coast Sunday with gusty winds and rain falling as far north as Upstate New York, according to Weather Underground, a commercial weather service.
Did Barry solve the drought?
People in the Bay area are seeing greener lawns this morning. But how much of the drought problem did Tropical Storm Barry solve over the weekend?

On average, the Bay area had two-four inches of rain during the weekend. That put a dent in drought conditions, but the Bay area remains in a drought and needs considerably more rain to return to normal levels.
Tropical Storm Barry Helps Out Wildfires
Tropical Storm Barry brought some much needed rain to the wildfire that has been burning for weeks on the Florida-Georgia border.

Firefighters said that the rain definitely helped with the Dairy Road fire in Starke, Florida.

Glad to help!

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