Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The Zombies Attack - Part 1


It started with a moan.

As I woke up this morning, I heard what I thought was possibly a low helicopter or maybe several leaf blowers in the distance. When I went out to get the paper, the noise persisted, although it seemed to be coming from all directions. And something just didn't smell right... There were low clouds, and the world seemed to be holding its breath.

The family had already left for the day and I was by myself. I flipped on the Today Show and all I got was NBC, no ABC, no CNN, no HGTV, no Scifi Channel - no Knology cable at all. Something was definitely amiss.

I fired up the laptop to see if I could tap into some sort of news feed when I saw a flicker of a shadow outside the window. Glancing up, I wondered if my wife had returned home for some reason. As the laptop booted, I pulled back the window curtain--

--to see my recently deceased and formerly buried cat staring at me through the window.

I don't recall much from the next few minutes. I found myself sitting on the floor, staring at the back of the house so I couldn't look out the window. Shaking my head I risked another glance out the window and the cat was gone. If it was actually there in the first place.

I looked out into the yard - there he was again, near the tree licking a paw. Except..well it wasn't really a paw anymore. Mostly the remains of a paw. And a dessicated tongue. I quickly closed the curtains and sat in the chair quietly for a few moments, thinking of nothing. I reached out and opened a browser on my laptop.

Thankfully the wireless internet connection was still active. I slowly typed in and got the dreaded white-page-with-black-text-from-over-access, last seen on 9/11. The headline on the page slowly appeared:


And underneath, several linked stories:

Massive reports of dogs, cats, rising from graves

Undead elephants cause panic at San Diego Zoo

Central Park in chaos as reanimated pets attack joggers

Will we see dead people? Leading experts disagree?

Now not only is my dead cat sprawled contentedly on the grass outside, two half-rotted dobermans just trotted down the street, one holding a recently-living squirrel in its mouth. I suspect the squirrel will be up and about soon.

I've decided to stay indoors and live blog the event as long as I can. I can't reach anyone by phone, and I just hope my family has sense to stay indoors wherever they are.

Help us..


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