Thursday, June 07, 2007

My Outrage at the Demise of a Nashville Blogger

How angry am I that Britney got fed up and quit her job at Nashville is Talking due to incessant troll attacks?

How angry am I?? I'll tell you how angry I am...

I...really don't care. I never read her. Apparently that makes me a blogosphere community of about one two who doesn't see what the fuss is about.

I'm sorry she was insulted. I read some of the comments to her post and was disgusted, but not surprised. People out to attack other people are everywhere, finding small ways to fill up their small, sad lives.

Some people continue to insist it's partisan, when it has nothing to do with who's a Republican and who's a Democrat. It's human nature, and it's exacerbated by online anonymity and a sense of entitlement and inflated self-importance. Why is that so hard to understand?

I hope Britney finds a new gig soon, because pay is pay and lives are disrupted when one loses their job. She probably should've shrugged a lot of this off and kept going. But don't treat it like the end of the world, or that it's some big shock to the blogosphere, cause it's nothing new.

I'm far from perfect but I ain't all bad,
And it hurts me more than it makes me mad.
We all do things that we don't want told,
And we all throw stones that we shouldn't throw.
You shatter my image with the stones you throw.

Long time gone and a long time ago,
When I shattered my image with the stones I'd throw.
The world is cruel and people are cold,
Now they shatter my image with the stones they throw.

Shatter my image with the stones they throw...

-- Dolly Parton

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