Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The Canadians are Here! The Canadians are Here!

Sometimes the things we take for granted elicit wonderment and joy from kids.

The other night the family went to eat at a place called Beef'O'Brady's (motto: A place with three apostrophes in the name can't be bad!) for dinner. In the corner of this very green, very video-enhanced restaurant are some video games, clawtraps and other geegaws.

Tink wanted to play a racing game and inserted a quarter. It wouldn't fit and kept being returned so she needed some help. I went over and started to put the quarter in myself.

I noticed it felt a little lighter, and a little smaller than a real quarter. I glanced down at it and saw a giant silver moose head looking up at me. Flipping it over, there was Queen Elizabeth II (and not Helen Mirren, either).

"Oh, honey, no wonder it won't work - this is a Canadian quarter"

Tink took the quarter with wide eyes and a little gasp, "Wowwwwww".

You would've thought I'd given her a quarter from the moon....

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