Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The New Phone Book's Here! The New Phone Book's Here! *

My part of the Dell saga is over - it arrived yesterday. I've assembled the basic essential components (monitor, sound, power, Lego Star Wars) and will attempt to transplant the cable modem from the old to the new.

Interestingly, I haven't located:

a) a manual for either the monitor or the PC. Perhaps they're on the myriad of CD's that came with each

b) a parallel printer port on the PC (say that three times fast). I'm a bit concerned, as I don't know if our printer has a USB connector.

The monitor is astoundingly huge - 22". It fills up the monitor width cubby on my desk, but being a flat screen now there's a lot of room in front of it to set manuals, paper, pencils, packs of crackers, glasses of tea, medium-sized cats, etc.

No Dell elf (Delf?) was kind enough to secretly install an extra GB of memory, just 'cause.... but that's ok. I didn't expect it, certainly. That's the only bad point thus far, because assembly and shipping was lightning quick. I placed the order last Tuesday and had it in hand last night. Sweet.

* Special prize to anyone besides Michael or Becky who knows the quote

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