Friday, June 01, 2007

Deep in the Heart of Texas

On our trip to Texas, one of the places we visited was the Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch, a free-roaming animal safari featuring antelope, rhinos, buffalo, steer, zebra, ostriches and other wildlife. Driving our rental car through the landscape was an adventure. Here are some photos:

A zebra apparently didn't appreciate me petting his nose...

...but he relented and decided to pose for us....

...then one of his buddies took his place and discovered the inside of the car was cool..

...and decided to stay a while... breathing the cool air conditioning...

"Peace out, dude. Now kindly leave."

"This is Traffic Tracker...we have a road block on highway 109..."

This furry fellow licked Laura's arm. Yeah, I said "ewww" too.

This is some kind of Asian steer. His horns came close to piercing the car door.

"What you lookin' at, mate?"

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  1. I lived near there growing up and we used to go frequently. I remember the ostriches being violent when they would try to eat out of the cups of food. You'd loose a finger if you tried to feed them with your hands.