Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The Zombies Attack - Part 2


Things have gotten worse. I don't know how long my internet connection will last.

I'm going to try and sort things out in my mind.

The undead birds won't stop thumping against the window. Half-roadkilled possums and raccoons attempt to get into my trash for food they can no longer eat nor digest. Animated dogs, cats, gerbils, parakeets and even a few fish crawl and flop across the driveway, looking for sustenance. All the live animals have fled - even our own cats and dog have gone to ground inside the house.

I can't get an outside line on my landline or my cell. Cable's been intermittent. All I see are the various websites and blogs that are reporting on the variations to the theme around the country.... It sounds like this is a widespread thing, and there's no explanation.

Except that everywhere but here, apparently, there are zombie humans. So far, thankfully, I haven't seen a single soul. Or unsoul. Whatever.

None of the neighbors have made an attempt to come out...well, except for old man Finkel across the street. He came out for the paper, still half-asleep. Our other neighbors old huskey that died 6 months ago took him down quickly and....doesn't look to be quite done with him.

I don't dare open the doors or the garage, because who knows what holes they could use to get in the house. I've piled up furniture against the glass doors out to the deck in the back, but that's no guarantee - only enough to fool anything into thinking there's no actual entrance there.

It's all over the web - the dead are rising from the grave. Except here it's just the animals.

What's next?

What's ne-- wait, what's that noise???

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  1. I'm sure you're safe from the zombies... though they look very intimidating, they're not that smart so no worries about that, right? If the zombies looked like the ones on, it would be dangerous 'cause you'd be too busy laughing to focus on trying to get away...