Friday, June 22, 2007

Barry's Familiar Quotations

Everybody has their favorite famous quotes.

From Mark Twain to Shakespeare to Will Rogers....W.C. Fields to Winston Churchill to the Bible, throughout history we have remembered and looked back on famous quotations by famous people in famous situations.

I suppose you either have to be a famous politician, statesman, writer, performer or religious figure to have your quotes remembered and passed on through the generations.... I thought about this and realized there was no outlet for quotes to become famous that are uttered by totally ordinary people.

Until now.

I've devised a quote that I want to be remembered for. 100 years from now, I want someone to write an e-mail (or the equivalent of that time period) and use me as their sig line. How cool would that be.

That said, here's my quote. I actually used it in a post last year commemorating on the victims of 9/11. I Googled the quote word for word and that one entry was the only one that came up, so I'm feeling pretty confident it's original.

Here it goes:

"To hear music is to hear the voice of God"
---- Barry W
Wow. Just looking at it makes me feel special.

Soon everyone's going to be saying it. And hopefully I'll get credit for it.

This is your chance - make up a pithy, profound quote that's catchy, easy to remember, contains at least a nugget of wisdom and is 100% original, then put it on your site or in the comments. This is your chance for the voice of the common man and woman to be heard!

We're listening....

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