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Third Bloggiversary 2005 Year in Review

Three years ago, I started my blog and the Inn of the Last Home was born. The past two years I have published a list of what I felt were my more noteworthy posts of the previous 12 months.

So in the spirit of all that's interesting and mind-numbing, I'm once again opening up the log books of the Inn of the Last Home for 2005. Enjoy.


Fun at Traffic Court - My first court appearance ever, where I am shackled in chains and dragged to the basement of the City/County building to be...well, just read it.
Author Stephen White - My new favorite author, and an overview of his mystery novels.
"Faerie's Aire and Death Waltz" - The Unplayable Symphony - This post has generated by far more search engine referrals to my site than any other. I've posted copies of the (loosely stated) sheet music to this hilarious, bizarre, and unorthodox piece of music. Collect 'em, trade 'em with your friends...
Playing with the Little People - My son loses his mind and hallucinates Oompah Loompahs. Or something.


Confessions of a Salty Mind II - Follow-up to last year's Great Lenten Chip Withdrawal. Not quite as successful as before. Great rejoicing is heard at Lays and Ruffles headquarters.
Nothing's More Important Than the Team - Especially those lightweight things like, country...honor, I don't know...integrity?

Sleep Study
     Part 1 - I am poked, prodded, plied and probed in prep for a peek into my periodic patterns of palatal problems. In other words, I snore. Part 1 is getting ready for the study.
     Part 2 - The aftermath. Oh, the horror..the horror. Actually it wasn't too bad.

School Uniforms - Should kids be required to wear a uniform at school? Mine do, and are the better for it. Here's why.
The Squirrels In My Yard Are Conspiring Against Me - A harrowing tale of paranoia and imminent danger in blank verse.


Sleep Study II: The Sequel - Yep. Sleep apnea. Read the gory details.
Zen and the Art of Raquetball - I am once again slapped in the face with the reminder that I am no longer 21. Well, and that's not the only thing that's slapping me around...


Amazing but True Facts - And they're all true, I swear by my tattoo.
Interviewed by Logtar - Logtar asks what kind of tree I would like to be, and other burning questions...
Conversations with Tink 1 - You know, it's kind of sad but as they get older the cute little non sequiter conversations get farther and farther apart. But they're still there on occasion..
It's Not Easy Being a Parent - A heart-to-heart with BrainyBoy, about some of the first pangs of peer pressure.
Those Were the Days - Reminiscing about my college days with my roommate, Gary. More to come, but I didn't know it yet.
It's What I Like About Me - 10 Things I Like About Myself. No, super-strength isn't on there, but it was a close 11th.


Being Paranoid Doesn't Necessarily Mean They're Not Out to Get You... - It's frightening the things that will come after you when you're napping on the couch...
A First For Me - I hit a home run. Finally.
Bibles in the Schools - I wish they would try as hard to ban bullying and cheating in schools as much as they try to do Bibles...

"Revenge of the Sith"
     May 24, 1977 - The first of three posts looking back to where I was in my life on opening day of the first three Star Wars movies. I was 10 in 1977 and still a little kid.
     May 21, 1980 - Part 2, the sequel. I was 13 in 1980.
     May 25, 1983 - Part 3, the conclusion. I was 16 in 1983.
...And my thoughts on "Revenge of the Sith"
(and still More Sithian Thoughts... )


Vacation in Williamsburg, VA.
     Archetypes - Who are the people in your neighborhood? Let's look at a few types, as we people-watch while on vacation in Colonial Williamsburg and Virginia Beach...
     Shirtless in Washington - Part 1 - Our family side trip to Washington DC, first visiting the Smithsonian and the White House.
     Shirtless in Washington - Part 2 - The return to our hotel in Williamsburg, VA. where I lose my shirt, my time, and my pride.
     Busch Gardens Williamsburg Trip Report - A review of one of the coolest amusement parks ever...

Coming Clean - Where I reveal my true identity.

Trip to Universal Studios, Florida with my college roommate Gary
     All Flights Lead to Atlanta: Part 1 - Flying out of Knoxville for Orlando, I witness a dad's poignent farewell to his son.
     All Flights Lead to Atlanta: Part 2 - Returning to Knoxville from Orlando, I am caught up in a web of international intrigue.
     Virgins and Chickens and Dominatrixes - Oh My! - My vote for my best post title ever. Musings on the people we met on my visit.
     Ever Have One of Those, "Oh, Crap - I'm About To Be Eaten By A Dinosaur!!" Moments? - Me neither.
     Well, Crap. I Really Am About To Be Eaten By A Dinosaur... - The horrifying reality of theme park visits...
     Action shot of "The Incredible Hulk" - Don't make it angry.
      "Past this point of no return, your only choice is freeze or burn!" - And they're not talking about kitchen appliances, here.


Thoughts and Deeper Thoughts on "War of the Worlds" (spoilers, duh) - Deadbeat dads that are forgiven in the movies because they were "misunderstood", "following their dreams", "abducted by aliens". What a load of crap.
Your Favorite Sports Memories - Actually, my favorite sports memories. But why quibble.
My 10 Most Memorable UT Football Moments - Now that's more like it, on to the real stuff. If only we'd known what was to come in the fall...
Bedtime Story Podcasts - "Where the Wild Things Are" and "Goodnight Moon". Great for reading to your kids when you're out of town.
The Ghost on the Line - Harrowing tale of privacy invasion.
The Kindness of Strangers
- I spend an evening and overnight with homeless at our church.
Togetherness - Where do you sit when you're out on a date? People may be watching you...


Ethics in the Workplace - Don't you just love creative accounting in business? Especially when it screws over your employees? Me too.
Multiplication Rocks! - One nice thing about your kids being in school is it gives you a chance to fresh up on the basics..
Hedging Their Bets - Just when you think natural disasters couldn't get worse, see what some places are preparing for...


It's Here...It's Finally Here...IT'S FOOTBALL TIME IN TENNESSEE!!! - Oh, the painful, painful irony...
I'm Shocked, ShockedTo Find That Fundamentalism Is Going On In Here! - Not every Christian is a fundamentalist. Nor is every fundamentalist as Fundamentalist. But try telling that to some people...
The Penultimate Potter - Half-blooded thoughts on the latest doings at Hogwarts.
Deciding America's Future - Choose wisely. Who will become our next president in 2006? (huh?)
My New Car - Before it got folded, spindled and mutilated two months later...
The Game Ball - Watching your son play baseball is great. Watching him enjoy it is wonderful. Watching him give his very best and succeed is priceless.


Committing the Cardinal Sin - I become one of "those" parents...the ones that -- oh, it's just too horrible to talk about. Just move on, please.
From the Archives... - I take a phrase from an old, old post, and write a completely different story about it. With noir results.

Diary of a Musical Director
     Part I - I begin my chronicling of the process of musical directing "Annie" at the Oak Ridge Playhouse. Starting out, first week of rehearsal.
     Part II - "You're Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile" - What does that lyric really mean?

Bringin' Down the House - Disaster movies hit a bit to close to home these days. And apparently revel in it.
All the State's a Stage - Tennessee Theatre Association Conference report from Cookeville.


Diary of a Musical Director (cont.)
     Part III: "I Think I'm Gonna Like It Here" - Having fun. With reservations.
     Part IV: "Little Girls" - You know it's going to be a bad rehearsal when...
     Part V: "You Won't Be An Orphan For Long" - And now we add the band...
     Part VI: "Tomorrow" - Opening night approacheth. Can I handle the pressure???
     Part VII: "It's a Hard Knock Life" - Perils and pitfalls of particular performances. I also become a hazard to local wildlife.

Fumbling the Ball - Yeah, if you're reading this at work you should be fired. And I'm going to call the media, write letters and raise a stink until you are... Well, that's the mentality of some football fans.
Blogging - It Isn't Just For Politics - Lots of good people are around to talk about their lives. You just have to wade through the political garbage to find them...
Flip, Pick and Riff - Another piece of short fiction based on a random internet find. This one is about musical composition that defined a relationship.
Protesting! UGH! (Good God, Ya'll) What Is It Good For? - What the heck use is it to anyone for people to protest? Not much, if you're doing it for the wrong reasons...


Diary of a Music Director (cont.)
     Part VIII - "Easy Street" - And it's all over but the erasing...

GrandBlessed - We're blessed that our kids' grandparents are here, and involved. Some people aren't...
So Long, Leo, and Thanks For All the Cheese - I say goodbye to an actor I greatly admire...
Goodbye, Buddy and Cat Tails - I say goodbye to a member of my family.
The Letter from Santa - The generosity of my daughter continues to amaze me.

Thanks for sticking it out this far. I hope I've provided some amusement and thought-searching this past year. Here's to a great 2006 - thank you for visiting the Inn of the Last Home.

UPDATE: Happy Birthday, Hatamaran! Get well soon and get your butt back to work! ;)

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