Friday, May 13, 2005

A First For Me

I know no one wants to hear about my softball exploits, but I have to tell you this...

Last night my church league played our second game of the year. I didn't start but came in at 1st base midway through the game.

When we came in to bat, I got up with us down 2 runs, 2 men on an 2 outs. And I did something I've never done before...

And inside-the-park home run.

Put us up by 1, although we later ended up losing by 3. I never got up to bat again... I made some good plays at first, and also some bad plays at first so I kind of broke even there...

I've always dreamed of getting a home run - I've never hit for power, and have always been better at dinking it around in front of the outfielders. This shot went way out in the left field corner.

Ok, self-congratulations over - just wanted to share. Now get back to work...:)

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