Friday, November 04, 2005

Diary of a Music Director - Part III: "I Think I'm Gonna Like It Here"

Mid-way through rehearsals for "Annie". This combined with the theatre conference last week have put me into serious stage mode. This kind of work is what I would love to do with my life, if, you know, I actually had enough talent to make a living at it. I've been a zombie at work because yet another day of updating work hours for the pathology lab on the website, or changing "Breast Cancer Screenings" to "Alzheimers Screenings" on the home page just lacks that certain creative energy flow...

The show continues to roll along, as we're approaching the end of blocking. So far the music on this show is, overall, the easiest of anything I've done as far as complexity goes. "Annie" is no Sondheim, and although the songs are catchy they're not very complex.

Still hanging around my neck is the search for a drummer. What is it with drummers in this town? I've had the rest of the ensemble set for weeks now: bass, guitar, supplemental keyboard and myself on piano. I've had two guys that I contacted decline due to prior commitments, and have had trouble getting in touch with other candidates. I may end up using my boss's son, a middle-schooler who - while talented - is inexperienced and may require some heavy coaching. But I would imagine if there was any show an inexperienced drummer could succeed, this is the one.

The biggest drawback of amateur/semi-pro theatre is the time I spend away from my family. This past week, through opening weekend, my typical day means seeing the kids for about an hour in the morning (plus the drive to school). That's about it, since I go to rehearsal before Laura brings them home and they're in bed when I'm finished. I'm trying to pencil in something Saturday afternoon with them, but no promises...

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