Friday, January 06, 2006

The Book of Daniel...My Take

My only take on the "Book of Daniel" controversy:

Here's the point I think that's being made by a good number of those opposed to its showing. Jesus Christ is a sacred religious figure and icon all Christians. To a lot, it would be highly offensive to put words in his mouth and use him as a character in a TV show (although God portrayed in movies seem to be exempt - I don't recall any protests against George Burns or Morgan Freeman when they played God). More to the point, Christians revere Jesus as much or more as their own family members, and what would your reaction be if a major network aired a show in which your own spouse, kids or parents were depicted unfavorably, or even slanderously.

Wouldn't it make you upset that it might air? Even tremendously upset?

What if there was a show depicting your teenage son, and I mean your son specifically - by name, by likeness, as a drug addict. Or your wife as a prostitute. By name, intentionally. Would you be content to merely say, "Hey, if you don't like it, turn off the set or change the channel," shrug your shoulders and wonder at the insanity of it all.

Personally, I don't think a show should be pulled unless it violated basic decency laws or standards that are known to exist at the time. Excessive language, sex or violence on NYPD Blue is what caused it to be boycotted by a number of ABC stations 10 years or so ago. I can sort of see that. But this is an idealogical and religious difference of opinion - I'm glad WBIR decided to air it, since (from what I've heard) it violates none of those standards. But I think it's important for those who are against censorship to truly understand the depth of the offense taken to what the show airs.

That's all. I'm not planning on watching it, for a couple of reasons. One, cited above. For the other, my minister was one of those here who was invited to the pre-screening, commented on the air, and mentioned to us last night that it was simply a lousy show and not worth viewing regardless of its controversial content.

But either way, look at the other side of the story. You'll be surprised what you find.

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