Tuesday, January 31, 2006

If Only I Had The Chance....

Here's a question to tax your creative powers...

Pretend in your mind that you opened the front door one day and on the front stoop was a strange, alien-looking device. Attached to the device was a note that said you could use it to create a hole in the space-time continuum and let you slip out of your life for 1 year, do something, and then slip right back at the moment you left without anyone knowing you'd ever been anywhere.

If you suddenly had 1 year free to do anything you like, without regard for current financial, parental, legal, marital or professional obligations, what would you do?

Keep in mind I'm not advocating you do anything that would compromise your personal ethics or morals - for instance, I wouldn't choose something that would make me go off with another woman for that year. I'm still married, and wouldn't break those vows, but pretend you were just on your own for a year with no pre-existing worries or responsibilities. What would you do that maybe you've always wanted to do, but never had the time, money, courage, perseverance, opportunity, etc.?

Here's mine: If I had a year off, I'd go down to St. Thomas or St Maartin in the Caribbean, rent or buy a boat, and live the Jimmy Buffett beach bum life for a year. Relax in the sun, sail the harbors, get to the know the native people of the islands, read, swim, snorkel, explore, take charters out to watch the dolphins...

Now, in reality I'd love my wife to come with me on this adventure, but, hey, sorry dear, get your own dream ;)

I've got Coastal Confessions - How About You?

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