Monday, June 20, 2005

Coming Clean

A decision that has weighed heavily on my mind for some time now has finally come to a head. It was a very difficult decision to make, but I feel that in these days of full disclosure I should make every effort to be honest and above-board with the fine folks that visit the Inn.

I decided early on not to disclose who I really am, for fear of putting my family and career in possible jeopardy. The free-thinking and somewhat radical opinions I've brought forth here could threaten their safety and my livelihood. But now, I feel it is counterproductive to try and hide behind the veil of anonymity that until now has protected me and my loved ones. The fear of fame or loss of identity does not affect me any longer.

Therefore, after long deliberation and heartache I tell you my real name.

Most of you know me as simply Barry. In fact, I am actually this Barry. Which, of course, explains this.

Wow, gee, I feel a lot better now. In fact, I feel like singing!
Clowns never laughed before,
Beanstalks never grew.
Ponies never ran before,
Till I met you....

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