Friday, January 28, 2005

Playing with the Little People

BrainyBoy v8.9 has the flu. Or a reasonable facsmile thereof.

I don't think it's the real flu - we'll find out a diagnosis in a little while.

Wednesday morning he woke up...well, woke up yakking for want of a better term. I stayed with him until Laura relieved me at 2, then I came in to work. He had a fever approaching 103 the rest of that day, though his stomach had settled somewhat before I left.

He spent yesterday at his grandmother's, and - a treat for him - got to sleep on the couch last night. Fever this morning was in the low 100's, unmedicated, so there's hope for him yet.

As he was dozing last night, about 10pm, I was sitting in a chair nearby watching TV. He takes after me, as all good sons should, and was snoring softly. Abruptly I noticed movement and I noticed his hands were moving. He'd picked up part of the comforter I'd thrown over him, and was moving the little fringes around rapidly right in front of his face. I looked more closely, and he was really moving the fringe up and down.

I stood and walked over with trepidation. Looking up at me with an odd, goofy expressions, he smiled and said, "I'm making the little people move!".

Oh, Lord, he's delirious. His temp's gone up to 110 and his head's going to start spinning any second...

Me: "What did you say?"

BB: "I'm playing with the little people" (continuing to make fringe dance around, and still smiling happily.

Me: "Are you ok?" I waved my hand in front of his face. "Are you even awake?"

BB: "Yep. I'm awake." (dum de dum dum....)

Ok, so he's apparently getting better as he beamed at me from couch. I guess a nice nap can do wonders.

He asked for something to drink, so I brought him some Diet Sierra Mist. It sat untouched on the table next to him as he dropped back off to sleep.

Sometime later around 11:45 he woke again. I was watching Leno and preparing to go to bed. Apparently Joan Embry was on with some animals, and they were reminiscing about her appearances with Carson. I was in the kitchen closing up shop and I heard BB laugh. I looked in and he was pointing at the TV.

BB: "Look at the aardvark! How weird."

Yep. How weird.

UPDATE: False alarm, sort of. No influenza, although he does have a viral infection similar to the one he and I both got last year that eventually became walking pneumonia. It doesn't look like this one will be nearly as bad.

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