Saturday, January 21, 2006

MENSA Intelligence Test - Well, Sort Of

This is a fun little test of your logic and pattern recognition abilities, not to mention a little knowledge of popular culture.

MENSA Intelligence Test

The text might have you believing it's an actual MENSA test, or at least an intelligence test - I have my doubts, but it's fun nevertheless.

As of this writing, I've found 30 out of the 33. There's no time limit - off you go!

(Hat tip: Doug at Reality Me)

UPDATE (01/23): Thanks, Doug - here are the answers. Of the three I never got, one (#19) I worked out with Laura when she took the challenge, although I question its validity as a common phrase or truism. The other two (#30 and #31) I don't think anyone could have gotten unless they lived abroad. Did anyone get those three?

Also, I think the word "in" in #14 and #17 should have been "on" - that's the more common phrasing that I'm familiar with....

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