Thursday, September 09, 2004

Theatre Thursday

Week 17 - And Now For Something Completely Different

We're going to take a different tack at Theatre Thursday this week.

You've just been hired to write, cast, direct and produce your own movie. You've been given $75 million to hire a cast and crew, and 90 days to shoot. The film is scheduled to open a year and 1/2 from today.

1) What is the name of your movie?

The Return of Ferris Bueller or something like that.

2) Who are the stars you hire?

I would like to get the original cast back from the first movie: Matthew Broderick, Mia Sara, Alan Ruck, Jeffrey Jones (keeping him away from small children), Jennifer Grey, and Edie McClurg. Oh, and Charlie Sheen.

3) What is the general plot/style/theme of your dream movie?

This sequel to the 1987 hit Ferris Bueller's Day Off would take place 20 or so years later. Ferris (Broderick) is an uber-successful NYC businessman, his wife Sloane (Sara) is a lawyer and they have no time for their kids. Old friend Cameron Frye (Ruck) comes into town and seizes the opportunity to repay Ferris for getting him to stand up for himself so many years before, and schemes with Ferris's sister Jeannie (Grey) to get him to take a day off and spend time with his kids. Mr. Rooney (Jones), now teaching the Bueller children, sees an opportunity to get back at Ferris after all these years. His former secretary Grace (McClurg) and Jeannie's brief paramour (Sheen) have cameo appearances.

After showing the world that sometimes you just have to take the day off, Ferris learns that his role as a father and husband are more important than work and career, and his friends return favors he granted to them long ago.

Feel free to dream - what movie would you, Gentle Reader, like to make yourself with all those resources? It can be autobiographical, historical, or completely fictional. Be careful and don't go overbudget (Getting Harrison Ford, Julia Roberts, and Robin Williams all in the same film won't leave you enough money to actually shoot, nor will on-location filming on Mars likely leave anything for actors).

BONUS) What's one obstacle you see that could prevent you from achieving this dream movie?

From time to time an actual Ferris Bueller sequel was floated around Hollywood, but nothing ever seemed to come of it, which is a shame. I'm afraid, though, if it ever actually got greenlit, the plot wouldn't be the same.

Roll 'em....Action!

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