Friday, September 03, 2004

Random Occurances from Last Night

I stayed late last night to work on a project, and headed home after dark. It's very odd to leave the office when it's dark, and there's no one around.

Anyway, I had decided to pick up some Arby's for dinner, but I needed some cash - luckily there's a bank right next door to it on Cedar Bluff Rd. Those of you that live in the Knoxville area might be familiar with the 1st Tennessee on Cedar Bluff - the ATM is off behind the bank building, at the end of a fairly long little driveway.

As I pull into the driveway towards the machine, I notice something moving on the ground in front of it.

Something furry, four-legged, and black and white.


Mr. Skunk was having a grand old time munching on something someone dropped on the ground (or possibly ran over) in front of the ATM. I calmly put my car in reverse and b-a-a-a-c-k-e-d slowly up away from the potentially deadly foe. I figured I'd just wait him out, and hopefully he'd amble on into the woods behind the bank.

Nope. Apparently a buffet was being served, and Flower remained contendly blocking my monetary access.

Well, with other small woodland creatures like possums, racoons, badgers, etc - it's easy to scare them off with a honk, or revving your engine, or even chucking a small rock or two at them. For some reason I was disinclined to use the same tactics with little Fluffy, being that skunks are the only animal in the wild with a ranged weapon. So, still having no money and there being no other banks nearby, I drove home hungry.

Yeah, waaaah me.

Oh, I did run through the Walgreens drive-thru to pick up a prescription. This has always puzzled me: on the window is a sign trumpeting their policy:




And other such promises of round-the-clock availability. But inside the pharmacy against the door are two light switches. Around the switches are stickers that say,


To remind people to turn off the lights and save electricity when everyone leaves the pharmacy.


If you're never closed - EVER! EVER!!! When would you have a reason or opportunity to turn off the lights? EVER?


I had cheese and crackers for dinner at home.

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