Thursday, September 02, 2004

Theatre Thursday

Week 16 - When Animals Attack

Anacondas opened up in theaters last week. There have been tons of movies made about 'killer' animals. From Cujo, to King Kong, to Jaws, what do you think of these 'bad' animal flicks?

1) What is your favorite movie about some type of 'animal gone wrong'?

There was a period my family had just gotten HBO in the early days of cable, and HBO didn't quite have a big volume of movies built up to show. One month they showed "Kingdom of the Spiders" over...and over...and over again. For months. There he was - William Shatner as Dr. Robert 'Rack' Hansen running around with tarantulas all over his back. But anyway, I still loved that movie so it's probably the one I think of first.

The final shot of the whole lodge wrapped up in spiderwebs is killer, though.

Another one I always liked that also got the early HBO treatment was "Empire of the Ants" with Joan Collins. Remember, if you're ever chased by giant killer ants -- sugar. Find lots and lots of sugar.

2) Do you end up feeling sorry for the animal, or just scared to death?

Well, I don't think I've ever actually been scared from a killer animal movie, but I usually don't feel bad for them. I mean, animals are all cute and fuzzy and everything, but when they start wrapping people up in webs and eating them alive and all, sorry, Fluffy.

3) Do you think there is a movie about a 'killer animal' that went way too far or was just a ridiculous movie?

A lot of people would think the movies above were too cheesy. And that's fine, because they were - but I still liked them. I haven't watched them, but there seem to be a huge number of "killer animal" movies on the Horror Sci-Fi Channel lately with titles like "Alligator II: The Mutation" and "Snakehead Terror" and * "3-Toed Sloth III: Slow Death"... show the killer animal genre can go about anywhere as long as there are actors willing to spend 1-1/2 hours screaming and running from CGI or puppets.

BONUS) What kind of killer animal movie would you like to see made? Scary squirrels anyone?

I really want to see "Chigger Wars"

* Yeah, you know you almost clicked on it...;)

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