Thursday, September 16, 2004

Big Orange Survivor Magnolia, Week 1

Michael is running Big Orange Survivor Magnolia

I havent' watched Survivor since Tina Wesson from Knoxville was on (and won), and have no plans to watch this one, but I'm going to play this and just guess - let's see if my educated guesses are better than anybody else's :).

1. Which tribe (men or women) will win the first Reward Challenge (1 point)?


2. Which tribe (men or women) will win the first Immunity Challenge (1 point)?


3. Who will be the first Survivor voted out of the tribe? (1 point)

I'm going to say John K., the 20-year-old mechanical bull operator/model (???) from L.A. His hair is too high.

Bonus Question:
4. Which of the female tribe members will show off her bikini first?

I'm going to say Eliza, because she goes to Syracuse and it just doesn't get too warm up there :)

5. Which tribe will get fire first?

Men. Ugh. We make fire, make things go.

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