Thursday, September 02, 2004

Oh Please...Oh Please....

Scientists tune in to 'radio message from the aliens'

"A radio signal picked up by a search for extraterrestrial intelligence marks the best candidate yet for "first contact" by aliens.


It is unlikely to be the result of any obvious radio interference or noise, and does not bear the hallmark of any known astronomical object.


However, a physical message stays where it lands. As for the form of alien messages, he speculates that it could be anything from text in a real language to, more likely, organic material embedded in an asteroid or in a crater."
Ok, Vulcans, if you're out there listening to us - we need you. Land here. Now. Don't wait for Zephram Cochrane to invent the warp drive out of an old nuclear missle left over from World War III...

And bring holodecks.

Update: And salsa.

(Thanks to Pathetic Earthlings)

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