Tuesday, September 21, 2004

One Shining Moment

I was sitting here at the PC, late in the evening. The kids' rooms are down the hall from me, and both were asleep - as was my wife, L.

It's quiet, but I hear a murmer - a muffled sob. Gigglegirl.

Being the ever-diligent dad I am, I walk into her room to check on her.

She's barely awake, a little frown on her face and a quiet sniffle.

I tuck her legs back under the covers and brush her blond hair from her eyes. She turns over, squirms for a moment to get back into a comfortable position.

I notice she has no stuffed animals nearby, so I grab her favorite big blue stuffed fish. I tuck it into her arms underneath the blanket.

I lean down and give her a quick kiss goodnight. In her Snow White nightgown, she looks up at me, smiling. Her lips purse up in a little smooching shape.

I bend down again, and she kisses me on the cheek. Closing her eyes, she falls back to sleep.

Standing there a moment, I tell myself - once again - that this is exactly where I'm supposed to be.

On the cusp of heaven.

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