Monday, September 13, 2004

Defying the Hurricane

My brother was able to get word to us via email that the cruise he's on - Norwegian Cruise Lines "Norwegian Sea" and they were scheduled to stop in Cozumel today on the first port of a 7-day Western Caribbean trip.

Well, there seems to be a little storm brewing down that way...

Anyhow, the ship's sailed through the Yucatan Channel and is headed down toward their scheduled later ports in Roatan, Honduras & Belize. Hopefully they'll be able to make Cozumel and Cancan as scheduled later this week.

It was a little uncomfortable not knowing exactly what was going on with their ship so close to Ivan, but his email helped alleviate those concerns.

I've cruised a couple times before, and the ship captains have tons of experience knowing where to go to dodge hurricanes so there was never any real danger. But it's still nice to know everything's ok :)

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