Thursday, January 10, 2008

Friday's Feast

Feast One Hundred & Seventy Five

Appetizer - What is your middle name? Would you change any of your names if you could? If so, what would you like to be called?

My middle name is Wade. I'm actually pretty happy with all my names. I didn't like my last name when I was younger because it starts with a "W" and I was always last in whatever alphabetical ordered thing we were doing (interestingly I'm hearing the same complaints from BrainyBoy. What's old is new again..) but I like it ok now especially since I realize it has such a historic significance in Scottish history. And Barry is cool because it's fairly unique.

Soup - If you were a fashion designer, which fabrics, colors, and styles would you probably use the most?

Oh, come ON! Since I'm, you know, a guy I'm going to arbitrarily change this question...

Soup - If you were a fashion designer video game designer, which fabrics, colors, and styles strategic tactics would you probably use the most?

Ok, much better. I love Civilization III, and I usually try to build my civilizations up slowly. I try to spread my soldiers out among the cities to repel invaders, but rarely expand over others' territories. But, of course when I do, I smash them utterly, enslave their workers and take the women as my concubines.

...what? Why are you looking at me that way?

Salad - What is your least favorite chore, and why?

I can't stand changing the litter box. We have four cats and two boxes. You do the math. But my wife and I split the chore, mainly because we're too horrified to make the kids do it...

Main Course - What is something that really frightens you, and can you trace it back to an event in your life?

I have for ages been terrified of a nuclear weapon, and I can trace part of that directly back to watching "The Day After" when I was in high school. The nuclear detonation sequence of "Terminator II" bothered me, and I didn't like watching the nuke go off on 24 last season.

Dessert - Where are you sitting right now? Name 3 things you can see at this moment.

I'm sitting upstairs on the landing at my home computer. It's 11:18 pm and everyone else is in bed. I can see several empty cups, the new Harry Potter book and the new Walt Disney bio sitting nearby, and a large artificial tree we used to keep downstairs but now lives up here by me. I like it.

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