Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Wheel 'em in!

Just got back from having my MRI.

In case you joined the story late, a week and a half ago I realized my right arm was aching. As a couple of days went by it felt less like a muscle ache and more like a pinched nerve. So I went to the doc last Monday and they made x-rays of my neck, which showed compressed C6 and C7 vertebrae. The most likely treatment option is Physical Therapy, although surgery is always a distant possibility. She would need to see an MRI to have a better idea what was going on. So I went there today.

I was very glad to go, because although the pain comes and goes what's become fairly constant and more annoying is numbness in my hand and arm. For someone who types (like now) and mouses for a living designing websites, and also plays keyboards in a band for fun and profit, the prospects of a diminished functionality arm are not pretty.

I had no idea the space was actually that confining. If I were claustrophobic, it would've been unbearable. As it was the fact my arms were squeezed in to my sides made my right one (where the nerve is being compressed) very sore. There were a couple times I thought I was going to have to squeeze the little bulb that signals you needed out, but I made it ok. It lasted 20 minutes with all these weird loud noises (they provided earplugs, thank goodness).

The doc gets the results tomorrow and then I'll find out from there....

So, how has your day been? ;)

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