Monday, January 07, 2008

Oh, Me Achin' Back...and Neck....and Arm....and....

While visiting my wife's relatives over Christmas, I was exposed to my first real Wii experience. I know, sheltered I am... I have a PC and play World of Warcraft and Civilization III on it. What else do you need??

Anyway, both me and Brainyboy complained for several days afterward of sore right arm muscles. Swinging the controller as if it were a bat/golf club/tennis racket/bowling ball/boxing glove certainly took its toll.

However, while BB's pain eventually subsided, mine evolved into something a little more interesting...

Last Tuesday night the Atomic Horns played a New Year's Eve gig, which using my mad keyboard skillz, didn't help matters.

Thursday I realized the pain in my arm wasn't from the muscle anymore, but centered just under and to the back of my right shoulder. And if I moved a certain way it would send little friendly jolts up and down the arm from the neck to my fingers. By Thursday evening, it was very uncomfortable to even find a place to rest my arm (which made mousing and keyboarding on the computer a nice little adventure). Snarfing Aleve helped eventually, but it was worse on Friday and I vowed to see the doc on Monday (today) if I could. I was sure I had some kind of pinched nerve, because that's just what it felt like.

So I did. When I mentioned my fingers on my right hand would sometimes get a bit numb, she clucked and shook her head (Uh Oh...never good when a doctor does that...) So at the doc's office I had about 426 x-rays taken of my neck area.

The diagnosis? Probable compression of the C6 and C7 vertebrae. They're going to call me tomorrow to schedule an MRI.

Fun, fun, fun, fun, fun....

Meanwhile my prescription is to take two Aleve in the morning and two at night. You guys help remind me....

UPDATE (01/09/08): MRI scheduled for next Tuesday at 11:30.

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