Monday, January 07, 2008

Who's the Fifth Cylon?

Warning: Possible Spoilers for 4th Season of Battlestar Galactica

Entertainment Weekly has a new spread about everybody's favorite show of wandering vagabonds vainly in search of meaning to their sad, frustrating lives.... No, I'm not talking about "Celebrity Apprentive", I'm talking about "Battlestar Galactica".

Series Creator Ron Moore mentions some spoilers about who may or may not be the fabled "Fifth Cylon" (and if you don't watch the show or don't understand what that means...well, I'm sure there's a new episode of "American Idol" coming soon). Suffice to say, based on this photo, Moore has confirmed the person who should be in the empty #10 slot is the final Cylon. This tells us that none of the others in the photo we don't already know are Cylons is a Cylon.

So here's the scorecard as I see it:

Are Cylons:
The doctor we saw in the fertility clinic

Chief Tyrol
Tory Foster (these from from last season's finale)

Are not Cylons (based on photo):
Lee Adama
Bill Adama
Kara (Starbuck)
President Roslin

Who's Left Over (alive):
Cally (Chief's wife)
Dualla (Lee's ex-wife)
Gaeta (bridge officer and all-around pest)
Tom Zarek
Doc Cottle

Who's Left Over (dead or fate unknown):
Billy (dead for a couple of years)
Admiral Cain
Ellen Tigh
Priest Elosha

Clearly there are a number of options, with of the live ones Doc Cottle being (to me) a clear choice for most shocking yet most logical, and Billy as the dead one who is the best dramatic choice. Really, almost any of the live ones would be decent choices (Dualla/"dual" natured character? Gaeta's always been sneaking around...)

I checked the IMDB cast list and while there are other cast members who could at least be possibilities they were so seldom used as to not be good dramatic choices.

What are your best predictions?

UPDATE: It just occured to me, if the 5th Cylon were still alive (in the fleet) wouldn't they have heard the Bob Dylan siren song and joined the other four? I hope it's not just a case of he/she couldn't get to the Galactica where Tyrol/Anders/Tigh/Tori were - that would be cheap (i.e. Zarek was stuck on his ship with no available transport).

That would rule out any of the rest of the live people in the fleet, leaving only the dead...

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  1. 1st rule in writing cheesy TV shows -- always produce the most dramatic result, regardless of facts or preconditions.

    It's totally Adama. People have to remember that this series is ficitional and the writers can of course do whatever they wish, but they tend to go in the direction of the most dramatic(one low-light was the Helo "you cant do that on TV!" cause it's genocide episode), and they've certianly been hinting in Adama's direction.

    That being said, if you ask me, by the simple rule I just stated, it won't be the old man. They'll push you and push you in that direction until it's finally revealed that the 5th and final cylon is:


    Gods, can you imagine the 90210-style dramatic fall-out from that one !? The old man would work, but Lee would be too juicy to pass up, and I don't think the writers will be able to resist. I mean just the plot line of the old man having to cope with a cylon as a son, the death of his one son prior, his failed marriage etc., may cause people's heads to explode.

    I think in the end, it will be revealed everyone on some level has cylon blood -- the whole "everything is happening again" plotline. That is, they'll find earth, the cylons will be destroyed but not without revealing everyone is a cylon on some level (through half-bloods mixing in the general gene pool), and they'll return to Kobol. Then they'll destroy all evidence that they have any cylon bloodline connections, and the cycle can be repeated for them to return as the 12 tribes/colonies once the whole radiation thing goes away on the planets (circa +4000 years). Repeat as necessary.