Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Well, It's Official...There's No Compromise. Or Is There?

The two sides of the Iraq war debate have officially polarized and now there is no possibility for middle ground anymore. No way either side will see either the other side's points, nor work for a compromise on what to believe or support.

It's either for or against, with completely contradicting reasoning on either side. And I say that for the side I fall on, as well.

I've watched debate over Clinton's TV interview, plus the rebuttals and support on either side by not only the politicians but by all the bloggers.

We're either safer, or worse off. Terrorism is either lessened or increased, depending on which side you're on. The people in Iraq either love us or hate us. Bush has either done a good job or a terrible job. Clinton did all he could, or did nothing. The war in Iraq was absolutely necessary or completely useless. You pick - one side or the other. There's nothing in the middle.

Bob Corker's either a great leader or corrupt heathen. Harold Ford, Jr. is...well, a either a great leader or a corrupt heathen. Governor Phil Bredesen singlehandedly destroyed the lives of people on TennCare, or saved them. Doesn't matter what the details are, just as long as you've made a decision.

I hate it. I despise it. I can't read blogs anymore that pick one side of the debate or the other, because there's never room for exploring the real truths. It's either black or white, yes or no, us or them. And that's going to kill us all much more completely than any terrorist might be able to.


I dare anyone reading this post who is set in their opinions to dig deep inside their own psyche, muster up some intestinal fortitude and admit to yourself - and us - one item. One point, one idea, one truth...that you've blasted the other side for lying about or exaggerating for years, but that you secretly, in your heart of hearts, actually are starting to believe yourself. And admit it here, in comments, or on your site.

Help start the movement toward putting together the real story and the real truth - sticking blindly by your guns isn't going to do it, there must be something you can be brave and admit that maybe you got it wrong, and the other side was right about all along. If enough people can do it, maybe we can start moving toward an understanding about what this is all really about.

C'mon, think. Something, somewhere, in the arguments you've vehemently and religiously ridiculed or denied - some spark of an argument you've said to yourself, "Ok...maybe they're right on that one..." Let it out - it will do you good.

Go for it. After a few comments roll in, I'll let you in on my big admission. But not till then.

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