Sunday, September 10, 2006

Self Portrait Challenge - September (Week 2)

This month's Self Portrait Challenge is "with someone...". A couple days ago I posted a long meme about blogging, and one of the topics touched on was the people you meet while blogging.

I'm fortunate to have met some great people while blogging, as well as getting back in touch with folks I haven't seen in a while. So this week's Self Portrait Challenge entry is "with...blogger buddies".

Here's me and Tish after lunch at the Mellow Mushroom on the strip this past Friday.

Then here's me and Big Orange Michael at the UT game yesterday:

And finally here's me and Becky from last year when we she came to Tennessee for a visit:

I may have another couple of "With...blogger buddies" to post soon...

UPDATE: Yep, and here's me and Teresa (Hatamaran):


  1. did i comment in the wrong spot?

  2. You might want to go back and use the other Comments link - that's where most of the comments go...

  3. Hahaha! Seeeee, your comment thing IS broken. ::neener, neener, neener...told ya::

    These are great pics of you and your blogging friends. It is nice you all know each other outside of the confines of the Internet.

    My question, though, is this: Why do they want you for a friend?