Friday, September 22, 2006

The Ultimate Princess

Tonight, Tink has her very first ever sleep over.

See, on Monday she turns seven - finally rounding that corner and taking the downhill slope toward double-digits...

My ever-faithful, ever-patient wife will be taking her and her little best friend (well, one of her best friends at least. Tink has about four. While this one is her best friend, and that one is also her best friend, this little girl from tonight is her very best friend. Oh, ok, thank you - that clears it right up for me...) to dinner on Market Square, a whirlwind trip through the new Mast General store, and to see Disney Princesses on Ice. Then it's back home for an all-nighter of fun and merriment and much giggling.

Now, pan the camera over to myself and Brainyboy, standing in the corner...staring. Wondering how we ever got ourselves into this predicament.

The solution?

Run. Run, far away....

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