Sunday, September 10, 2006

Remembering Rebecca Lee Koborie - Sept 10

Today is September 10.

More about the life of Rebecca Lee Koborie...

  • Rebecca sang at the funeral of the mother of Monica Lazor

  • Rebecca inspired an actor she performed with at a converted steamboat called the Showboat Majestic. He was more committed to pursue acting because of her inspiration.

  • Rebecca was remembered in poetry by fellow performer Dave Cremonese:
    A soaring voice
    The sound of piano beneath
    I sat at that piano
    As I played, I watched
    And listened to you soar
    As you showered all below
    With the gift of a beautiful voice
    Your spirit, your love
    And every time I sit at the piano
    I feel a bit of that love
    That I felt so long ago
    It's been so long, yet
    I'll never forget you
    God Bless and Keep you
    And all that you left behind
    We miss you

  • Rebecca "calmed the rough waves" working at Citibank with Marilyn Monte of Orlando, FL.

  • Rebecca touched the life of Paulette Vandenbrande deeply.

  • Rebecca's life was remembered in the planting of a Blue Spruce by John Lehmus and
    Sue Wallingford of Kennebunk

(Stories compiled from tributes submitted at

If you knew Rebecca, or had some connection and would like to contact me with personal stories or anecdotes, please email me at I'd especially love to hear from family members and friends who can tell me more about her musical interests and history with music.

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