Friday, June 09, 2006

Friday's Feast

Friday's Feast

Friday, June 09, 2006 - Feast Ninety-Seven

Appetizer - About how much money did you spend on gas this week?

Probably about $30

Soup - What is your favorite brand of toilet paper?

I just close my eyes and grab what's closest.

Salad - When was the last time you discovered something that you thought was pure genius?

Sometimes I'll hear little snippets of music, a chord progression here, a style of playing a certain passage there, that just take my breath away and I marvel at how composers and performers will occasionally hit on a very special moment where everything just clicks, or brings you to another level or emotional experience.

Main Course - What is the least amount of sleep you can get by on per night?

About 4 hours. Any less, or the same for a couple nights in a row and I'm a zombie. Just like I am now (curse you, First Season DVD's of "Lost"!)

Dessert - June is a popular month for weddings. Do you know anyone who is getting married this month?

No, I guess I don't. There was a time about ten years ago friends of mine were getting married left and right. Today not so much. Maybe the cycle will come around again...

But meanwhile, I do know of a really nice blogger (a Nashville transplant to Down Under) who just got married.... Ain't they purty?

UPDATE: Holy CRAP! So did he!!

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