Tuesday, June 20, 2006


It would be nice if the Knoxville News Sentinel and Metropulse paid nearly as much attention to the Knoxville area theatre scene as they did to the Knoxville area music and night life scene...

Check out the KNS Entertainment page for comparison. Lots of coverage of "Bonaroo", a blog devoted to the Knoxville entertainment (if he covers local theatre, it's sparingly), individual sections on "Music", "Night Life", plus CD Reviews, MusicScene, Band Reviews, etc. Only in the "Fine Arts" section do you find the occasional play article, but it still has to share space with visual art, symphony, ballet, etc.

There are a good number of ongoing theatre companies in the Knoxville area that produce plays year-round. Home-grown rock bands and music festivals get a lot of free publicity in the papers these days - it would be nice to see the theatrical acting and behind-the-scenes talent we have locally get a share of it.

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