Friday, June 09, 2006

What Goes Around....

I'm teaching a class on blogging history and basics to some area seniors today, and I'm using all of you as examples, so you'd better be on your best behavior! Watch the language today, huh, and keep the nudity down to a minimum? I don't want to have to give someone CPR because Michael suddenly decided to start doing Half-Nekkid Thursday yesterday...

This is also a day where a big step in my future employment status will either be encouraged or squashed. I'm nervous as all get out. Think of me fondly...

UPDATE: I demonstrated Big Orange Michael, Logtar, Sugarfused and SayUncle. Also mediablogger Michael Silence and a couple other guys no one's heard of like Glenn somebody-or-other.

I also used Becky as an example of a person I would never have met in real life that I've become friends with online. I mentioned how she actually once showed me a live shot of the Hawaiian coast, and how blogs can be used to meet people and see places you might never get a chance to in real life.

There were only five people, but they were attentive and asked questions. Everyone created their own Blogger page (I know, I know...buggy and all that but it's what I'm familiar with) and I showed them how to edit and create posts.

I'm exhausted :)

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