Monday, June 12, 2006

Charter Responsibility Question

I have a question.

Have we determined who's responsible for not turning in the charter to the TN State Government 18 years ago?

According to this story, The Knox County Law Director's Office had to request Knox County Administrator of Elections Greg Mackay to forward a copy of the charter to the state immediately. Mackay had testified in the charter validity hearings that he could find no evidence that it had ever been turned in.

Shouldn't there be some accountability from both the Election Commission and probably the Law Director's office for 18 years of inattention?

I don't care to see heads roll, I just want to see someone admit, "Yes, I screwed up." And if the person(s) responsible from 18 years ago are no longer available, I still want to know.

And I want to see documented evidence of new procedures put in place so it never happens again.

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