Thursday, June 08, 2006

Injury to Actress Turns Into Treat for Audience

Accident Turns Play Into an Improv Show
"The Pajama Game" became a waiting game last night when a minor accident injured a cast member and caused a 27-minute interruption in the performance.

To calm the restless audience in the American Airlines Theater, Harry Connick Jr., who plays the lead character, Sid, conducted a question-and-answer session, sang "Happy Birthday" to someone in the audience and talked about the future of his native New Orleans and his high school career.
A slight onstage injury to actress Roz Ryan necessited a pause in the performance, so Connick took the opportunity to occupy the crowd during the delay.

Good for him and good for the audience. It's treats like these that make live theatre special.

Eventually the actress was treated, the set repaired and the show went on.

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