Tuesday, June 13, 2006

80's Video Blast of the Week IV

In the mid-80's, artist Paul Simon visited South Africa and incorporated many of the musical lessons he learned there into his mega-hit album, "Graceland".

This song, the first single of the Grammy-winning album, was released in 1986.

The video features Paul Simon's friend from some of Saturday Night Live stints, Chevy Chase, who "takes over" the show and sings the song (in Paul's voice, of course). Paul appears a bit dejected, which is in his character from appearing on SNL, but does do some background vocals. Paul does get to play a couple of instruments including the bongoes, penny whistle, bass guitar and sax. Chevy joins in on trumpet as well.

Reportedly, it was shot in one continuous take but I'm not sure that's true as there are several jump and P.O.V cuts.

WATCH FOR: Chevy setting the glass and whistle down on the "table".

Congratulations, Rich - got it in one, as well. I've got to make the clues harder :)

Ladies and Gentlemen, Paul Simon with "You Can Call Me Al"

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