Wednesday, June 21, 2006

80's Video Blast of the Week V

In 1984, a band released their third album entitled, "Sports". It hit #1 on the Billboard charts and was designated multi-platinum a year later.

I saw them in concert at the old Stokely Athletic Center in 1985.

This week's Video Blast of the week came off of that album, a poster of which hung on the wall of Marty McFly's room in "Back to the Future". It represented the quintessential beach song to me and a lot of other people that summer.

Watch the video to see all the hints and clues.

Ladies and Gentlemen, from my favorite band Huey Lewis and the News, "If This is It".

By the way, rexwilder (of course) got it. And the answer to his clue is that HLN sued Ray Parker Jr. because they thought several parts of the "Ghostbusters" theme were too similar to their own "I Want a New Drug".

I don't see it, but that's just me.

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