Wednesday, June 07, 2006

More Proof They're Just Pretending To Be In Charge

A charter request, 18 years later
"Eighteen years after the fact, Knox County Law Director Mike Moyers asked local election officials Monday to forward a copy of the county charter for approval by the Tennessee secretary of state.

State law required that the Knox County Charter and the results of the referendum vote that approved it in 1988 be sent to Nashville. An official proclamation declaring the charter's adoption also would have been returned.

Yet for whatever reason, none of that apparently ever happened, Greg Mackay, Knox County administrator of elections, testified last week during the contentious three-day trial over the charter's validity. At least he couldn't find any evidence that it happened, Mackay said."
More evidence that nobody anywhere has any idea what they're doing anymore.

You'd think once in the past 18 years someone in the local or state government would've, you know, like, noticed.

If a document that had to be filed with the state hadn't been filed in my company for 18 years, heads would roll. In Knox County, you smirk, shrug, and start digging through the filing cabinets.


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