Thursday, June 15, 2006

Just Point Me in The Right Direction..

I haven't mentioned here that I'm Music Directing a new show. It's called, "Honk!" and it opens next weekend for a one-weekend run. The show is a musical version of The Ugly Duckling story, and won raves in London and Broadway the last several years. This particular production is cast entirely with middle-school and high-school kids, so it's been a challenge teaching and rehearsing music to some kids who, a) don't really read music, b) voices haven't changed enough to have the real articulation and projection to reach much past the edge of the stage.

But the show goes on. I'm lucky to have my friend Michael the Bass Player from "Annie" helping out, as well as another good friend, Dan, on keyboards that I've known and worked with for years.

The rehearsal schedule has been fairly brutal - I get up, go to work, grab a quick dinner and rehearse from 6:30 - 10:30 or 11. Get home, unwind for a bit, go to bed.

Repeat ad nauseum till June 26.

As a result, I'm part of the walking undead these days. My enthusiasm for work has hit a big low, and I don't feel very much like the happy corporate camper these days.

I need sleep, I need to play with my kids, I need quality time with my wife (well, I always need quality time with my wife and we're lucky to get a night out here and there anyway), I need to do something productive outside of theatre.

Hey, hopefully "Lost" - Season 1, Disk 5 will get here tonight from Netflix.

There goes my sleep...

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