Friday, April 14, 2006

Friday's Feast

Friday's Feast

Friday, April 14, 2006 - Feast Eighty-Nine

Appetizer - What movie soundtracks do you own?

Off the top of my head:

1) Star Wars (Extended version CD and original LP)
2) The Empire Strike Back (Extended version CD)
3) Return of the Jedi (Extended version CD and original LP)
4) The Phantom Menace
5) Attack of the Clones (copy)
6) Revenge of the Sith
7) All 10 Star Trek movies (some on cassette, some on CD)
17) Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (Johnny Depp version)
18) Pirates of the Caribbean
19) The Firm
20) Field of Dreams
21) The Untouchables
22) Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring

are you bored yet?

23) The Wild Thornberries Movie
24) The Lion King
25) Tarzan
26) Aladdin
27) Beauty and the Beast
28) The Little Mermaid
29) Lilo and Stitch

can you tell I have kids?

30) Give My Regards to Broad Street (an old Paul McCartney movie)
31) Jurassic Park
32) E.T.
33) The Muppet Movie
34) O Brother, Where Art Thou?
35) A Mighty Wind
36) Grease
37) Chicago

I'll add more as I think of them.

Soup - How much cash do you usually carry with you?

Typically I'll draw $30 out of the ATM and carry that around for a while.

Salad - Are you more comfortable around men or women? Why?

Probably women because they tend to be friendlier and find it easier to maintain a conversation.

Main Course - What is the most mischievous thing you remember doing as a child?

I was never mischevious as a child. "Serious? I was positively grim." (Big Orange Michael - ID the quote!)

Dessert - Who is the funniest member of your family?

Yes, that would be me - except when Tink is either running around in her Dumbo costume at Halloween when she was 2, or today when she's singing "It's a Hard Knock Life" as a rap. Nekkid.

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