Thursday, April 06, 2006

Attack of the Clone

I've started a duplicate of this blog over at Wordpress - take a look:

The New And Improved (?) Inn of the Last Home

I'm truly debating on whether to move my site over there for several reasons.

1) It's easier to post, and easier to add photos and links.

2) Categories are kind cool

3) Built-in comments, searching, recent posts and a lot of those goodies I've had to add with custom controls or 3rd-party code on this site

4) Extra pages for extra information that are separate from the blog posts

But I like this place. It's been my online home for 3 years, and I've never really had any serious trouble with Blogger. One big downside to Wordpress is the inability to customize beyond the options the templates give you, so that would mean all the stuff I've put on the sidebar (photo of the kids, feed buttons, Rocky Top Brigade banner, "What I'm Reading", etc etc would have to go away.

What do you think? Do I move?

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