Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Our Weekend

I read blogs all the time where people give blow-by-blow accounts of their daily activities, and readers seem to eat it up. At least there's always comments regarding how people live their lives and I always wonder what's the big attraction to finding out what time someone got up Saturday morning and what they had for breakfast.

But, in the spirit of full disclosere, as well as giving the people what they apparently want, here's how I spent my Easter weekend.

Thursday: Maundy Thursday service at church, rehearsed for our drama afterward.

Friday: Drama at church that I directed and acted in, plus Laura sang as well. These little church plays can be pretty nerve-wracking, as you want to present just the right mood and style while ensuring you get across the proper message. I think it worked - we had some good compliments afterward. It was a monologue-driven drama called, "The Last Words" where 8 characters from the New Testament commented on their lives and how Jesus had an impact on them. It worked.

Saturday: Easter Egg hunt at church, my partner and I did our puppet routine - Sasha and Timmy, the Abbott and Costello of the felt puppet scene. I play Timmy, the somewhat dense kid who doesn't ever quite get it - his voice is somewhere between Timon from "The Lion King" and Sheen from "Jimmy Neutron" - and my friend Ann does the straight-girl Sasha who always helps Timmy learn some kind of lesson. It's cute, and it's fun, and the kids enjoy it. That night we went to my parents for dinner and evening of relaxing on the back deck.

Sunday: Sang at both services, dinner with Laura's parents and mowed the yard. Happy Easter!

Monday: The four of us went to Dollywood for the day - the weather was beatiful, not too hot yet. Plus the crowds were not that massive and it was easy to see what we wanted to see. If you live nearby and have a chance to go in the next couple weeks, you have to see these guys.

Say what you like about Dollywood - yes, it's corny and a bit cheesy. Yes there's an overromanticism about the whole "hillbilly" lifestyle, yes the rides are just so-so, and yes it does hit you over the head with the Christian message to a degree it might make non-Christians uncomfortable, but if Busch Gardens Williamsburg is the prettiest theme park in America, Dollywood has to be the best smelling park. You can't go 10 feet without smelling something grilling, steaming, roasting, boiling or basting nearby. Plus since it's the International Festival, there's plenty of cuisine from other countries. This is a great time of year to go, so take a day and visit.

Tuesday: Work. Ick.

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