Tuesday, April 18, 2006

The Long Dark Tostito of My Soul

I got through it. Another Lent gone by, another chip addiction thwarted.


I pledged to give up all potato chips, tortilla chips and cheeto-type snacks for Lent - items I eat with great repetitiveness. I allowed myself only 6 instances of popcorn during that same time period, as well. The only slip-up, and not really a slip-up, was having some with a couple of meals while in New York, since a) we're owed a couple Sundays off in there, apparently. I've never quite figured out the mechanics, but I figured it'd be ok, and 2) it's tough sometimes when you're on the road to find enough to fill up for a long time, so I needed the strength.

That's it, though. Otherwise, mission accomplished.

But it was tough. I avoided Mexican places, because of the free tortilla chips they always bring to the table. I even brought home some of the little bags of chips that go with meals to be eaten later (as in today).

Yes, I can tell you are impressed with my self-sacrifice.

I'm going to try and extend the practice indefinitely, somewhat, by lifting the self-imposed restriction when eating out, but keep it in place at home.

You see, I also wanted the added benefit of losing 15 or so pounds like had happened before. It didn't happen this time, and I would imagine it's because I didn't make it to the gym very much.

But I'm going to try. I'd like to lose 20 pounds before we go to the beach in July. Maybe I'll take Logtar up on his challenge... Am I up to it?

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