Friday, April 28, 2006

Pack it Up! It's Over! Time To Call The Whole Thing Off...

Thanks, Rev. Donald - now I know my blog is obsolete.
"I have also contemplated the future of blogging and have concluded that single-author sites are the wave of the past. Group blogging, with only a few exceptions such as Instapundit (of course), is becoming the norm."
So, ok, time to close the Inn and give up blogging since we're now as washed up as yesterday's laundry.

Sorry Big Orange Michael, sorry Becky, sorry Will, sorry Logtar, sorry Cathy, sorry Doug, sorry SayUncle, sorry Teresa, sorry Lass, sorry Michael Totten, sorry Lileks, sorry Michael Silence (hope that ticker can take the news), sorry Chuck, sorry Tish, sorry Big Stupid Tommy, sorry Rich, sorry Dave Barry, sorry Wil Wheaton, sorry Phillip, sorry Scorpy, sorry Jen, sorry Sarcomical, sorry Danielle...

We're the past, we're history, we're old news. We're about as today as tailfins and zoot suits (oh yeah - sorry, Zoot, you're history too).

Forget important stories about your everdays lives. Forget advice on how you deal with particular problems others might find useful to know. Forget opinions on how you view the world and its events. Forget that personal touch, we all know the din of many voices clamoring for attention based on loosely related subject matters is much more important than unique personal interactions.

Resistance is futile. Assimilate or die.

UPDATE: Here's a part of a comment I made on One Hand Clapping:
I would contend, again, that individually one blog may not reach that many people but taken as a vast, overreaching group all the solo blogs together will reach many, many more people in more meaningful ways than any and all of the group blogs.

What would you say if I posted, on my solo single blog with 100 visitors a day, my Christian witness. And one of those 100 visitors saw it, read it, and made a decision to turn their life over to Christ. And that person would not have been reading one of the group blogs, because they have little interest in that format. What would have happened if I'd just gone away?

Put another way, isn't it better to reach that one truly lost visitor than the 300 who sit in the pews and nod and smile and agree with everything the preacher says because they're already comfortable in their faith?

To me the still, small voice is still as valuable as the combined, competing noises of the group.

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