Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Confessions of a Salty Mind III - Here We Go Again

I must be a sucker for punishment.

As chronicled the two of the previous three years (Confessions of a Salty Mind and Confessions of a Salty Mind II) I'm resolving to give up chips and chip-related snacks for Lent.

2003 was more successful than 2005 (I skipped 2004 because I was out of town for most of Lent, and who can be out of town and survive a Lenten covenant?).

I've resolved to not eat potato chips, cheese snacks (like Cheetos), or tortilla chips (Doritos, Tostitos) until after Easter, which is April 16. I've made allowances for crackers and I'm going to try very hard for popcorn, although giving up popcorn would entail giving up movies and that's like giving up air.

One reason I'm doing this is to drop some pounds - I'm bad about late night snacking, and I'm certain that's a big part of what's keeping the extra 20 pounds on me that I don't want. Last year I actually dropped about 15 over Lent, and that was with limited success in the sacrifice department. Hopefully this year I'll reach of goal of breaking the 200-pound mark (in reverse).

Another big reason is the fact that I have hypertension, and too much salt is not good for high blood pressure. Although I keep it under control with medication, it's still not a good idea to tempt fate.

Finally, the real reason is I need to practice self-sacrifice. I need to show I can be committed to a goal, reflect on my spiritual life and set an example for my kids. I may even ask them to try and give something up.

Here we go. Um, could I have just one more? No? Ok...

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