Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Blingo! Blingo! Blingo!

Blingo!, the Google-esque search engine with prizes, is starting a March blitz tomorrow (March 1, 2006).

Apparently they're upping their prize giveaways to a huge degree - if you sign up as a "friend" of someone who's already signed up, then if you or the friend win a prize the other wins a prize as well.

So, since you're all my friends...


"Barry has invited you to visit Blingo and join Blingo Friends.
Blingo gives away prizes every day just for searching the web:
58 prizes yesterday and 1,452 prizes in the past 30 days.

To visit Blingo and see your invitation, click here (or
paste the link into your browser):"

I use Blingo all the time, hoping for that rare search when I'll win an iPod Nano. Or gift certificates, or movie passes, or whatever they're offering.

Go for it! Signup and (hopefully) win!

Thanks, BusyMom, for the tip!)

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