Monday, March 20, 2006

I'd Like to Write Something. Really, I Would...

Ever have so much you'd like to get into, but everything that's of interest to you is either to complicated or convaluted you'd end up talking more about background than the subject? Or everything else would require so much background explanation that you'd never get around to the point?

That's how I feel lately. I have thoughts about the 3rd anniversary of the Iraq invasion, humor writing, what American teenagers are supposedly doing to each other in the hallways of their schools these days, whether even the best-skilled and best-attentive parents can end raising a child who goes off the deep end, Tennessee sports, raising the ire of blogger friends and how difficult it is to correctly express subtext in the printed word, why "24" is really bugging me by killing off the best characters, why "The West Wing" has become such a wonderful but impossible political utopia...

Got any preferences? Thoughts? C'mon, somebody engage me. Let's talk about something.

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