Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Top 10 Things That Have Really Gotten Old on 24

10) How people can get from one side of LA to another in like five min--- oh, skip it. It's just not worth it anymore.

9) Chloe's uncanny ability to call up any information in the world, anywhere, at any time. "Want the ultra-top secret WET list? Gimme one second.........Got it! Anything else?" She must have hot keys programmed on her keyboard for every database in US (and global) Intelligence.

8) That every terrorist attack takes place in LA. What, Kansas City not a tempting enough target for ya? How about Fargo? Dover?

7) The wanton disposal of long-time or major cast members, amazingly at or within five minutes of the top of the hour for all. (Terri, Mason, Chappelle, Sherri, Palmer, Michelle, Edgar, Tony)

6) Female information brokers who only want immunity, signed by the president, vetted by lawyers, notarized in 12 states and delivered to her Hotmail account in Sanskrit before she'll spill her guts. And then she goes free. (Nina, Mandy, Collette - aka Mandy 2.0)

5) The neverending supply of terror minions that always seems to replenish, no matter what just happened to the last batch.

4) Stupid or evil Vice Presidents and their men.

3) Perimeters that never, ever, ever work. No perimeter has ever been set up by 24 security after a suspect has escaped or a terrorist attack has been committed that has captured anyone. It's a joke.

2) Someone working on the inside at CTU that turns out to be a bad guy/mole. (Just too, too many to list. Nina was the first and should have been the last)

And the #1 Thing That Has Gotten Really Old on 24...

1) The everpresent new person who has to come in, take over CTU, and "get things on track again." (Alberta Green. Ryan Chappelle. Tony/Michelle/Buchanan last year. Lynn McGill. And now Karen Hayes)

UDPATE: I wanted to add this great truth. However dumb the subplots get on 24, we must always remember: Jack Bauer does not jump the shark. The shark swims over and asks permission to jump the Jack. Jack will then proceed to throw the shark against the wall, choke the shark, demand to know who it's working for and proceed to trade it net immunity and a copy of the DRY list for what it knows. Because, as we all know, that shark is their only lead, the perimeters have failed and the superiors at Division have sent the herring to bring him.

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  1. The love of killing characters to create drama in place of really good creative writing was already getting ridiculous by season 3 but what really ruined my enjoyment of the show was killing Ryan Chappelle.That storyline was so unnecessary and done just for shock value.It's one thing to kill the enemy but a total different thing to kill our own. The Pres. ordering that and Jack going along with no objections made me feel like, they were just as bad as the terrorists, no moarlity whatsoever. It made me sick. The "good" guys didn't deserve to win, I couldn't even tell the good guys from the bad anymore, their methods were the same and the ends justified the means. I didn't enjoy the show at all after that and quit watching.