Monday, March 27, 2006

NYC - What Is It About You?

This Wednesday afternoon we leave for New York City.

BrainyBoy and Tink are both in a show choir in Oak Ridge called "Sound Company" - well, that's not quite accurate. BB is in "Sound Company", which is travelling to New York for a show-choir competition Friday morning. Tink is in "Sound Company Too", the younger kids version, which is not competing. She is along for the ride.

We leave Wednesday afternoon with 1000 other elementary, middle school and high school age screaming kids and their equally screaming parents on several buses. We'll camp overnight in a nice hotel in Harrisburg, PA, then continue to our main hotel in New Jersey on Thursday.

Thursday night we have free, so a number of us will be taking in The Lion King at the New Amsterdam Theatre on Broadway. Just in time, too, because TLK soon moves over to the Minskoff Theatre to make room for Mary Poppins, which opens at the New Amsterdam in October.

Friday morning is competition, but we'll be done by around noon. After that we have the whole Friday free to explore Manhattan. Plans are to visit:

That evening we've scored tickets to the preview of Tarzan at the Richard Rogers Theatre. I'm a little nervous about what we're going to see in a preview based on this story, but hey, it's a Broadway play. Who cares.

Saturday is another free day until mid-afternoon when they hold the awards ceremony. That evening all the competitors and their families are treated to a cruise around New York Harbor.

Sunday we leave at crack'o'dawn, driving straight back to arrive in Knoxville late that night.

Should be a great trip. I'll have pictures to post when we get back.

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